Commercial kitchen equipment repair and services in Chennai : A Tribute To Best Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovation really can make you crazy. There is chaos, clutter, and dust. What's it for-the kitchen of your dreams. Here are some things you need to do and not to do in the event you would like to make the outcome, process and planning much easier.


In the event you are tall, to do it, you can raise bench heights. In the event you need more storage, it's possible for you to go wider. The depth of base units will determine the width of your bench. This may help you to increase the depth of storage and you also will not have to sacrifice.

This may help solve as most of the problems you are having with your existing kitchen as possible. Design your kitchen and map it out to scale on graph paper. In this way you'll be able to find a way to maximize efficiency of the triangle, work space as well as storage between stove, fridge and the sink.

Select flooring that's practical and is easy to maintain. No one wants to spend scrubbing the kitchen floor. Good practical flooring will free up your time to do things that are valuable.


There isn't any way you can have too much. As you can fit into your plan you will want to plan for as much bench space. You will want it next to the sink, the stove as well as the fridge.

You will need to maintain the correct amount of space between wall and bench units. The amount that is best seems to be a gap of 450mm.

Good lighting makes your work easier, and makes a great difference. You will want to position task lighting on what you are doing, so that it shines, rather than on your back if possible.

Ignore ergonomics. In the event you have cupboards and kitchen bench tops at the correct height, you can reduce strain. A good practice for working heights out is to stand with your arms at your sides as well as your palms. This really is a good height for the bottom of your sink. This can provide you with a good working height in the event that you add the depth of the sink.

This may save fitting and tricky cutting .

Kitchen renovations can be a great investment that can provide you with a large amount of pleasure for a lot of years. In the event you follow these easy guidelines, and plan them properly, you will get the most pleasure for your money.

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